Aka plum butter. My mother in law got a ton of these plums, my hubby calls them German plums while this recipe calls them Italian prunes. In any case, they’re small dark purple plums and there’s no actual butter in this.

Plum Butter

3 kg Italian prunes
750 g sugar (fine)
1 point of a knife ground cloves
1 tbsp ground cinnamon
some dark rum to taste

german filbert prunes

Cooking Instructions

– wash prunes, let drain and remove pits.
– cut prunes in smaller pieces. and in a pan without  any water cook them until they are somewhat soft, stir frequently.
– puree prunes with a hand blender.
– add spices.
– pre-heat oven to 350F (175 C)
– use a roasting pan or any pan that is deep enough, but first clean it thoroughly. There should not be any grease in it at all
– fill in the warm prunes..
– add 200 g sugar , mix with a wooden spoon.
– let it cook for 30 min.
– remove pan from oven and add again 200 g sugar, mix well, place again in oven for another 30 min.
– Then add remaining sugar, mix well, place again in oven and let it cook for 60 min, don’t mix again.

When is it done? Use a wooden spoon and draw a line  in the mashed prunes. If you can see the line very well, the plum butter is done.
Add some rum if you like.
Place plum butter in jars that are rinsed with boiling water. Close with a lid and keep them for about 20 min upside down, then turn them into normal position.
Keep the Pflaumenmus in a cold place.

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