Chicken Wire Container Potatoes Harvest

I had really high hopes for this method but it looks like the mesh laundry hamper (staked down) did better than the chicken wire.

I started with a package of tri-color potato starts, chicken wire, straw and compost.

potatoes 1

The idea was to cover the potatoes with dirt as they grew, filling the whole depth with potatoes.

potatoes 2

When I got the whole thing full, the plants started to get eaten by bugs and one day, they started looking yellow and translucent like they were getting rot or something so we decided to pull the plug.

Chicken Wire Potatoes

We got a small harvest of potatoes but I expected much more. These were all in the very bottom of the container. The top layers I used compost and the bottom used more potting soil and was much drier than the upper compost layers. I think either the compost was too nutrient rich and burned the potatoes or they were too wet in the upper layers. I think we may try more of the laundry sack potatoes next year but stake them down so they can’t fall over.

Potato Harvest

~ by accordingtoleanne on September 12, 2015.

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