Free falling

Yesterday I went down to Albuquerque to return my company laptop. I gave my 2 week notice almost 2 weeks ago and this was one of the last steps of resigning. I don’t have a plan at the moment of what I’m going to do now but after 7 years, I was stagnating. I felt I needed to take a leap of faith that something bigger and better would come along and I needed to be open for that opportunity. It’s scary to let go of a steady paycheck but they were pretty much out of work for me to do and I wasn’t happy with the pay, so it was time. At the moment, I’m buying and selling unique items I find or make (if you see something on here you want, speak up!). With hunting season upon us, (as soon as my hernia risk from surgery is over on the 9th) that will keep me busy for most of the next 2-3 months and provide lots of time for reflection and planning.

~ by accordingtoleanne on September 5, 2015.

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