Laundry Sack Potatoes

I had some extra potato plants this year and a broken mesh laundry hamper so I did a little experiment.

potatoes top

They did really well until they got to the top of the hamper. One morning I found them toppled over. While I was able to pick them back up, most of the plants didn’t survive and never really did well after that. Last night, the last plant looked wilty and pathetic, so we decided to see what we had grown.

Laundry sack potatoes

We were pleased with the harvest considering all the problems this planter had. These were Kennebec potatoes and I made some mashed potatoes with them that were the butteriest and best potatoes we’d ever had. In hindsight, staking the corners with bamboo poles might have solved the problem of the sides wanting to collapse. We still have our big chicken wire container going, so we’ll see how those produced in a month or so.

~ by accordingtoleanne on September 2, 2015.

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