August Garden Update

My garden suffered a little while I was recovering, so our radish and bok choi beds are done for the year. But I have a nice artichoke going.


My cauliflower is getting too hot so it’s bolting. The broccoli did the same thing.


The romanesco seems to be doing ok though and is putting on little spirals that look like they could be broccoli.


My cucumbers are growing really slow and just now putting on blooms, so I’m not sure they’ll make any cucumbers for me.

August Cucumbers

It’s the same story with the watermelon, it’s flowering but I doubt it’ll have enough time to fruit before we have a frost.

Watermelon bloom

I’m really happy with my sugar pie pumpkins, there’s a nice pumpkin started and lots of blooms. I put a stick under the pumpkin to keep it from getting rot.

Sugar Pie Pumpkin

~ by accordingtoleanne on August 16, 2015.

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