First Anniversary Trip

Our anniversary was back on the 8th, but the Wilderness B&B we wanted to go to was booked, so we got the next closest dates. They were midweek, so we had the entire B&B to ourselves. It’s located near Pagosa Springs in Colorado and has some really great scenery. We were going to go to the hot springs, but my surgery ruled that out so we got a couple fishing poles. On the way to the B&B we saw at least 6 deer of two species.

Our teepee was right on the river and equipped with a bed and fireplace.


We could see the teepee from the prime fishing hole.


I fell in and soaked my shoes almost immediately so I just said screw it and waded where ever I wanted. We could hear the fish jumping around us, but we didn’t really have the right gear and are both terrible fishers so we didn’t catch anything.


While we were fishing, tons of geese kept flying over.


Once it got dark, we grilled a pizza and got our fireplace in the teepee going. It was so relaxing to sit there watching the firelight flicker off the canvas.


The fire died down halfway through the night, forcing us to cuddle, which was great. We woke up refreshed but wishing we’d booked a second night. On the drive home a black bear ran across the road in front of us. It really completed the wilderness experience.

~ by accordingtoleanne on August 14, 2015.

2 Responses to “First Anniversary Trip”

  1. I didn’t know you lived in Colorado. My parents took me there every year from the time i was two. Then i took my ex husband there and then my kids. My kids go there every year.

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