Anniversary Prank

I couldn’t help myself. I made up 10 of these things and hid them all over the house and car. If Nicolas Cage isn’t a joke in your household, he should be.

anniversary prank

Hubby has found some of these; the one on the coke bottle, the dashboard, in his cigarettes, on his computer, the phone and his water. But still more remain. I almost hurt myself laughing when he found the first few but I really lost it when he went to pee and found one taped under the toilet seat. He even laughed about that one. He usually just tells me I’m weird while I’m laughing uncontrollably.


Shhh! He hasn’t discovered this one yet and my hope is that he finds it while trying to pay for something in front of someone else.

~ by accordingtoleanne on August 9, 2015.

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