Our First Anniversary (Paper)

We’ve been married one year today! And nobody died! Yay us! Not that it didn’t come close a couple times, hubby had his wisdom teeth removed and I had my surgery, we’ve both been sick and tired and we’ve both learned a lot. It’s been mostly positive though, even with all the struggles we’ve had, we always remember to say “Please” and “Thank You” along with a lot of “I love you” and “I’m sorry”. I don’t think we’ve gone to bed mad, but I want to punch him in the face sometimes and I’ve been on his last nerve a couple times but we don’t do a lot of yelling and we’re still very much in love.


I decided to stick to the traditional anniversary gifts, like the chart here:


We’re on paper, so I decided to make up 12 months of dates; 2 a month. One is free or nearly free and the other is something a little pricier. We’re both workaholics so it’s the perfect thing to ‘force’ us to play and enjoy each other. I opted to put mine on index cards and inside an envelope marked with the month. I also made him a card to go along. Ideally, you’d put money or gift cards in the envelopes to prepay and/or preplan the dates. A lot of our free dates are things like looking at fall foliage, going for picnics and making time capsules. Some of the pay dates include movies, events and day trips.

Paper Anniversary

Tonight we’ll celebrate with the top of our wedding cake, crab and a movie. Next week, we’ll head up to Pagosa Springs for a ‘glamping’ anniversary trip (they were booked solid this weekend!).


~ by accordingtoleanne on August 8, 2015.

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