Gilded Dinosaur Necklaces

These are super cute and easy. I especially like the plesiosaur since it looks like The Loch Ness Monster (did you read that they think it’s a huge catfish?! and who doesn’t like triceratops?

Gilded Dino Necklaces

You need:

mini dinos

gold spray paint

brass eyelet screws (I used these)


ribbon or necklace chain

  1. Screw in eyelet to the center of the back of your chosen dino. It’ll take a little twisting to make a hole for the screw but it’ll go and stay in.
  2. Spray paint the dinos once the eyelet is set.
  3. Allow to dry and add ribbon or your choice of necklace chain.

~ by accordingtoleanne on August 7, 2015.

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