This project looked really cute and I wish it had come out!


For mine, the dinosaurs I got had large cavities inside, so there was a big gap to fill around the corn holders and the dinos. After some thought and consulting the hubby, we decided to fill them with white silicone caulking. I waited weeks for it to dry and still it wasn’t even close to solid. When I tried to push them onto the ends of my corn cob, they just smooshed in.


In the end, I was able to make a mock up for the photo but it’s non-functional and not food safe. If you are dying to make one yourself, I’d recommend either epoxy or resin that will dry to a hard solid or getting solid dinos and drilling out a spot for the corn holders to slide in with a bit of glue. Even with those accommodations, I’d say it’s a hand wash item only, no dishwasher!


~ by accordingtoleanne on August 6, 2015.

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