Lazy Sushi

I presented this as directed to my husband and it was rejected so I reworked the recipe to be normal sushi rolls. He really hates food that isn’t eater-friendly. The scattered sushi is cool looking but really hard to eat. You end up with a ton of rice and a little bit of your toppings or the other way around. It’s really not much more effort to roll everything in a sheet of nori and it’s much more pleasurable to eat. I skipped the tuna for chunk crab meat.

Lazy Sushi

Here’s the directions from Lea’s Cooking:


2.5 cups uncooked sushi rice  “Nishniki”
2.5oz rice vinegar
3 oz mirin sauce
1- 2 tbs sugar

For the filling:
Cream cheese
Smoked salmon or Crabs
Red bell pepper
Canned tuna

Seaweed chips snack or sushi nori

Sushi rice “Nishniki” is the best choice (Walmart sells it)

Cook rice according to the package directions. Transfer to the bowl and mix in mirin sauce, rice vinegar and sugar. Set it aside, let it cool.

Mix canned tuna with mayo.

Cut all the  fillings in to pieces.

Lay the seaweed on the plate.

Add a layer of rice.

Add your favorite ingredients.

You can make bowls of sushi too.

Cut seaweed into strips for the top layer

For the sauce: Mix 2 tbs mayo with a few drops of toasted sesame oil and hot sriracha chili to your taste. I used Avocado Sauce for the topping too.

My revised version:

Sushi rolls

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