Elk Breakfast Sausage

We spent the evening trimming, cubing and grinding elk meat into breakfast sausage. The year’s a-wasting and we want to have empty (ish) freezers when hunting season swings back around. We used high country spice mix, 21 lbs of elk meat and 14 lbs of pork fat. We reduced the spices by about a quarter because these mixes tend to be a little overly spiced and make it difficult to taste the meat you used in the first place. The kit makes up 35 lbs total and we ended up with 30 packages of about 1.25lbs each with enough spice leftover to finish off the last couple lbs of venison we have.

Elk breakfast sausage

The directions that come with the kit:

breakfast sausage instructions


~ by accordingtoleanne on July 16, 2015.

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