A Month Medication Free

I talked to my dad yesterday and he asked me how I was doing since stopping Prozac a little over a month ago and I realized I haven’t taken stock of myself since a couple weeks after I stopped. I am still sleeping better and have started to dream again, something I almost never did while on mental medications.

I’m having to manage my anxiety a bit more, but it’s not a burden. I’d much rather take my rescue medication when I need it rather than Prozac all the time to hopefully prevent it from happening, which it rarely did. In the last month, I had to take my rescue medication (Lorezapam 1mg) once. In hindsight I probably could have worked through it but I was somewhat trapped by people at a 4th of July parade so I went ahead and took it before I had a chance to freak out completely. There have been a couple other ‘close calls’ where I could feel a panic attack starting but I was able to self-talk myself down and/or breathe through it.

Otherwise, I have noticed that I am less tolerant of toxic people and situations in my life. Which is kind of a good thing. When I was on Prozac, I let people treat me like a doormat. Now that I’m off, no more bullshit.


~ by accordingtoleanne on July 13, 2015.

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