July Garden Update

Everything is growing along at a good pace and I started a third potato tower because I found some old ones that had sprouted. To plant sprouted potatoes, just cut them into pieces so that each piece has an eye or sprout. Settle into the dirt so that just the sprout tips are showing.

My broccoli are putting on heads but the cauliflower are still trying to deal with the heat.


Carrots and leeks keep on getting bigger.

carrots leeks

My onions and garlic and doing well so far but I almost think my shallots are ready, they’re huge!


I’m down to one pumpkin mound because the other had fencing that the rabbits could eat through but the remaining one is doing well and even putting on blossom buds.


Our second radish harvest looks only a few weeks away.


My strawberries look like they’ve stabilized and are starting to grow. I even ate a couple of strawberries from our wild strawberry patch.


And the watermelons…I’m not sure they’re going to fruit in time. If they do, it’ll be a small melon. I’d expect them to have vines out by now.


~ by accordingtoleanne on July 6, 2015.

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