Happy Fourth

We just got home from a day at the parade and a bbq after so no dinner project tonight but don’t despair, enjoy these pictures from the Arroyo Seco parade!

10410900_484045228417551_918305143322163574_n 10985864_484037485084992_6792467883070944196_n 11140286_484041465084594_6176704217450293936_n 11222188_484041838417890_245121352720179801_n 11265218_484037445084996_7102787852507292176_n 11350739_484045541750853_5037733930325858693_n 11402678_484043475084393_144513896306828790_n 11542108_484044615084279_6820456799547293525_n 11659391_484041151751292_7392002226535772745_n 11659480_484045458417528_6712122734677670975_n 11666046_484042561751151_6133430916894065068_n 11666223_484037415084999_3894849044930515558_n 11692717_484045501750857_7904210012518933458_n 11701019_484045438417530_4258227311428968712_n 11705133_484045481750859_3196973723272099585_n 11707495_484042165084524_4637010904025580824_n

~ by accordingtoleanne on July 4, 2015.

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