Fairy House

I saw this project on Pinterest and felt like I could upgrade it.


Great project for kids with the markers and stickers, but I wanted to break out the hot glue gun and use natural materials to make it look like a forest fairy house. I started off with an empty bleach bottle. I drew on doors and windows with sharpie and cut them out with a box cutter. *Be careful! The blade wants to slip in this type of plastic.*


Once I got here, I wrapped the handle, cross window and top with raffia, just knotting it to secure it. Then, I bordered the windows and door with twigs, glued on with a glue gun. Added a couple jewels we’ve had laying around. Built a set of steps out of firewood scraps, bordered them with silk flower buds and glued pebbles around the bottom. Then, I glued decorative moss (you can buy it at most hardware/garden/craft stores for about $5) around the bottom half of the jug, working it in around the twig borders and pebbles. I stopped right where the bottle has a line going into the neck. I pulled some pine cones from the yard apart and clipped off the ends to make shingles. Start from the bottom, overlapping them and you go up.

fairy house front

I have thoughts of doing something to the inside but I probably should have done that first. Maybe some fish tank gravel for a floor and a sand coated wall?

fairy house back

And a couple close ups of the windows because they’re adorable.

round fairy window square fairy window

~ by accordingtoleanne on June 24, 2015.

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