Make Mental Health a Priority

I’ve been dealing with the health system with my mental health issues for about 10 years now and I’m over it. I was on 20 mg of Prozac a day up until a week ago when I ran out. I placed the refill order with my pharmacy. I was out of refills, but they called my doctor for a refill. This was a Wednesday. I went in to pick up my prescriptions the next day, Thursday. (Also, note that it’s a 2 hour round trip to my pharmacy) The pharmacy tech told me that my doctor hadn’t responded to their request and that I should call them Friday morning to get them to respond “since nothing gets done on Fridays.” Implying that I should go without meds Thursday night and make another 2 hour trip to pick up the meds the next day. I’d been through this rigamarole before and decided that I wasn’t going to play anymore. 20 mg is a fairly low dose and I had a couple left over tablets at home, so I split my last 2 pills into four 10mg pills and got off Prozac altogether.

Today, the following Monday, I got a call from my doctor telling me I was “way overdue for a followup appointment”. I’ve been off Prozac for almost a week and I feel pretty good. I’m having to manage my stress a little more actively but I feel better not being chained to a pill and at the mercy of these health workers who only care about filing those lucrative insurance claims. I’d been through this before; where the doctor holds your prescription hostage, lets you get off of them and then tells you to get back on them. Which is exactly what this situation would turn into if I was less stubborn. I’ve been off for about a week and I’m just starting to equalize and the doctor finally realizes a patient has fallen through the cracks, panics and tries to slam me with pharmaceuticals. No thanks. I’m so not doing that again. It causes complete chaos in my brain and household all because my doctor is an airhead.

I’m just glad my medications aren’t directly life-threatening if I can’t get them. What if I was on insulin or heart medication and I had to deal with this kind of lackadaisical system? How many people have died because they couldn’t get their prescribed medication? There are people with mental problems that could die if they can’t get their medications and I think that because they don’t look outwardly sick or on death’s door, they are pushed aside. I really wish our healthcare system was better geared for mental health. No doctor I’ve been to so far has been able to even give me a diagnosis, nevermind an effective treatment.

For now, summer is a good season for me mentally and I feel good. I haven’t had any panic attacks since stopping Prozac and I’m actually sleeping a lot better without it. I have noticed a few creeping anxiety symptoms but I’ve been able to manage them with self-soothing exercises and they pass without incident. I’m slightly more irritable but I’ve come to the conclusion that a lot of my anxiety comes from dealing with stupid and/or asshole people. They can deal with me being irritated with them for being dumb rather than me take a pill so I can deal with them being dumb. I’m not rude but I don’t take anybody’s crap and I shouldn’t. I shouldn’t take a pill to be nice to rude people.

~ by accordingtoleanne on June 15, 2015.

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