June Garden Update

Everything is growing like crazy! My summer squash, pumpkins, catnip and corn are all starting to pop up. The pumpkins had to be restarted because I tried to plant them outside too early. The new starts are catching up quickly though. I just planted them 4 days ago.


My rhubarb start has broken the surface and is making good progress.


The peas I started inside are huge, but no flowers yet…


My mint is doing awesome in it’s shady tire!


My strawberries and watermelon seem to have passed the transplant stage and are starting to actually grow again.

strawberries watermelon

My onions, outdoor peas and broccoli are all moving along nicely.

onions broccoli

The artichoke is starting to make some kind of spiral thing in the bottom, maybe it’s an artichoke!


My radishes are almost ready to eat! The bok choi, romaine lettuce and cucumbers behind it are doing good so far.

radishes leeks romaine cucumber

And finally my potato containers both needed more soil. The idea is to cover the potato plants once they reach 6 inches tall over and over until the container is full. Here they are before adding more dirt:

potatoes 1 potatoes

And with more dirt:

potatoes 2 potatoes top

~ by accordingtoleanne on June 7, 2015.

One Response to “June Garden Update”

  1. Wow! Great Job Leanne! You are doing such a superb planting operation over there. I am so glad to see green things growing in that old garden. I bet you can hardly wait to eat that first radish, I know that is the best taste ever!

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