Yard Sale Mania

This weekend is the town wide yard sale in Red River so I went up on Friday morning to check them out. I got a ton of great stuff for cheap and thought I was done, but when I got home my mother in law told me about one more that was happening Saturday, so I went out a second day to check that out. On Friday, I got:


These fishing waders that just happened to be in my size for $20. They say 76.15 on the box. I pointed my sister in law towards a second pair in the same size.


This cute painted saw for $7. The quality seems pretty fine and it’s signed, but I love it and I’m hanging it above our entryway (it’s going to be hilarious, stay tuned for pictures).


I got these pattern books for $0.50 for my best friend so she can make sweaters for my Bengal. And the other one is so delightfully awful vintage that it’s funny.

11400989_471909832964424_2383589365346769741_n 11392928_471909816297759_3824691877450569825_n 11377155_471909729631101_5719492675112137347_n

These doodads were all $1, canvases, cool towel and a craft container.

11350529_471909636297777_3118149706204299398_n 11391102_471909649631109_8171923155264934971_n

And this fantastic table and benches for $20. I love them. They’re vintage cabin furniture that somebody made themselves and the wood is really heavy duty.


And I bought this grate thing for my hubby for $10. It’s about 3 foot by 4 foot and about 2 inches thick. It’s like catwalk grate or something but he was stoked because he loves scrap metal. The thing weighs at least 40 lbs!

I figured I was done with my shopping for the week but when I went to borrow some pasta from my M-I-L she told me about an estate sale happening Saturday that had a bunch of cool minerals and rocks. There I got an amazing rabbit fur coat for $5 that I found on eBay for $199, http://www.ebay.com/itm/Unique-Rabbit-Fur-Raccoon-Tails-Stroller-Coat-Jacket-/400254136621?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item5d3101712d  Mine is missing 5 raccoon tails but is in otherwise really good condition.


The next most exciting is this dental sample thing. I can’t find much about it or any others for sale online. $1


And this thing was also $1. Any ideas what it is? It looks like a clock hand or a hose guide for a garden?

clock hand

And everything else was $1 each, great sale!

outdoor cookbook paint unnamed

~ by accordingtoleanne on June 6, 2015.

One Response to “Yard Sale Mania”

  1. Great garage sales this year! So happy that you made the one in town today, that fur coat was gorgeous! I loved the cut glass vase I bought also!
    Billy and I did well in Red too, he got a really nice leather jacket for$10.00. I bought a nice set of 8 vintage placemats and matching napkins for$3.00, a wonderful deal! Lots of miscellaneous dodads and it all added up to a great outing. Thanks for sharing your finds!

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