New Kids on the Block

I finally finished planting my garden! I was waiting on leeks and rosemary, which I got, plus a few extras. The leeks look pretty pathetic right now but I’m confident they’ll perk back up.


I also got a cauliflower back since I’ve already killed off mine. This one seems to be doing better.

new cauli

I got Rosemary to put in the same bed with the cauliflower, but I can’t tell what’s herbs and what’s weeds yet, so I’m letting it beef up in the greenhouse. Same story with basil, although I planted 3 patches at least, I needed some for a recipe, so I now have more basil.

rosemary basil

And finally a watermelon. I dislike watermelon. In fact, most melons in general I am largely repelled by. However. There was a little 6 year old face that wanted me to take her watermelon seedling home with me, which I promptly forgot, I felt bad, bought a baby watermelon and here I am growing watermelon.


In other news…rabbits have infiltrated the strawberry patch. More details at 10.

(There aren’t going to be any more details at 10…I fixed the fence and that should be the end of the problem but stay turned for updates on this developing situation)

((Do stay tuned, but not for rabbit drama))

~ by accordingtoleanne on May 31, 2015.

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