Saturday Treasure Hunt

I just got home from the flea market in Taos and I’m jazzed! I got two Victorian tea caddies for $30. Both need some TLC. One is mother of pearl inlay and might actually be a humidor because of its size. I paid $25 for this one.

11351280_469851306503610_8251424947942370365_n 10502317_469851283170279_4201508170851462567_n 11222971_469851263170281_939595607161833857_n

The other is a smaller one with finer inlay. I looked them up online and similar ones are in the $1000 range, obviously in better shape than this but with restoration…for $5, you can’t go wrong!

11377325_469851373170270_7439937074511915673_n 10482584_469851353170272_3629499281963199700_n

I found this vintage beer can that I’m going to use to make a gift for a friend for $4.


And finally a taxidermy lion paw for $10. Not to worry, I asked if it was legal to own and as long as the claws are removed, it’s ok. The same guy had more scraps but my hubby doesn’t exactly support my collecting taxidermy so I settled on one for now.


~ by accordingtoleanne on May 30, 2015.

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