Pre-Memorial Day Minication

I’m home tonight from a mini-vacation down to Albuquerque to see my best friend’s daughter in her first ballet and modern dance recital. I’m so glad to be home. It seemed like everyone was messing with me in the city. However, I’m fed up with people screwing with me, so I’m not taking crap from anyone right now. I headed out Friday morning to avoid traffic and drunk drivers. I think I may go South on Memorial Day weekends from now on. We live near a town that holds a huge (not Sturgis huge, but huge for the tiny town it’s in) biker rally and the whole area is flooded with tourists, so we generally hide out at home Memorial Day weekend. Traveling South on Friday was pretty great, almost all the traffic was headed North and today (Sunday) most of the traffic was going back the other way. Plus, I heard the weather up here was awful. We even have a fire going tonight.

I took care of a few errands when I got into town and visited my work and a couple friends, including getting my money back from the chef I hired for our wedding back in August (he wasn’t able to make it and hadn’t had the money to pay me back until now). We got my best friend and her daughter off to the recital early and I took her husband out to eat. It was a little weird to be eating at a restaurant with a guy that wasn’t my husband but we talked about Guardians of the Galaxy and other random crap. We grabbed some flowers for the little ballerina and took our seats for the show.


I’m not going to post any pictures of her but you’ll have to take my word for it that she was adorable. Her modern dance routine was kind of African themed and she had a blue and gold animal print outfit. A couple acts later she did ‘A Spoonful of Sugar’ in a cute pink and pastel tutu. I gave her a galaxy necklace to match her modern outfit and a pink sparkly marble to go with her tutu.

I threw a bit of a fit because my best friend was volunteering wrangling children backstage, so she couldn’t watch the performance. They’d asked the parents not to film so that there wouldn’t be a rush on the stage but I was seated on the Mezzanine in the first row. I filmed most of her modern dance number before an usher came to our row and told me I was disturbing other patrons. I looked around at my best friends family and looked at her and looked back at my camera. She assumed I’d just do what she asked and wandered off somewhere. I kept filming. She came back a little before the routine ended and shined her flashlight at me and told me I couldn’t film because they wanted to sell the professional DVDs, after a couple more backwards looks, I gave in. There were a couple routines between modern and ballet, so I behaved. When she came out again for ballet, I started filming again. After I got about halfway through the routine, she came over again and threatened to take my cell phone. Apparently I look young enough that I actually believe an old school marm can confiscate my phone. Once intermission started, I found her and asked her who had been telling her to bug me. I talked to her manager and I plan to call the dance studio to discuss their policy. I think it’s only fair that her mother be able to see her daughter dance that night even if she’s stuck volunteering backstage. She already purchased professional photos and is planning to buy the DVD, not to mention the lessons, 2 outfits, tickets to the recital ($30 a person) plus parking at $7 a car. Anyhow, it was Act II in my new take no shit philosophy.

The show started at 7pm and we left at intermission because she was done with her parts around 9pm. She was so tired. She inhaled a big plate of pancakes and passed out face down in a booth at Village Inn with a tutu pouff coming off her butt. She had to be carried to the car and into the house. Poor little thing was all danced out.

The next day, her grandma came to take her shopping so my bestie and I headed out for a girls day. We hit the flea market first so I could visit my mom and drop off Mother’s Day presents. I saw a dude being a jerk to my mom and it pissed me off so I bought the item he was trying to low-ball her on. He came back 5 minutes later offering her another dollar for it. She had the satisfaction of telling him it was sold. I hope he thinks twice next time he tries to bully her into a low price. She told me he does this crap every weekend. What a jerk!

After the flea market, we went to the Fiber Arts Fiesta at the Fairgrounds (I suppose it’s called ExpoNM these days but it’ll always be the fairgrounds to me). My best friend knits and crochets, so she was in a state of ecstasy. I saw some really cool quilts and I think I might try to take up quilting again this winter.

3 2 7 6 5 1

We were just finishing up when I heard my vehicle described on the loudspeaker. I go over and ask what’s wrong and they tell me I’m double parked and people are complaining. I immediately run outside to move my truck and find my truck is right on the line and half of the lot is empty.  I would totally understand if the lot was full, but geez!

We went for some bagels at Einstein’s, I love my green chile and cream cheese! We stopped at my favorite hole in the wall gem and mineral store. It’s in a horrible part of town and my friend had never been because of the location. She cringed a little when I pulled into the gated parking lot and she saw the bars on the doors and windows but when I opened the door to the store, her eyes lit up. This place is stuffed with every kind of rock you can imagine in case after case. We looked for almost an hour and she determined she just had to come back with her daughter, there was just too much to choose from. I definitely recommend Southwest Gem and Mineral on Central and Louisiana. They’re affordable and the staff is really helpful and are genuinely passionate about rocks.

By the time we finished running around, it was too late for me to make it the whole way home before dark, so I decided to just stay the night rather than chance running into a drunk driver. New Mexico has a pretty bad DWI problem, besides, it’s another sleepover night with my bestest buddy. I made some big steaks, which her daughter inhaled about a pound of. She LOVES meat and is apparently having a growth spurt. I think she ate 4 pop-tarts this morning! We had corn and watermelon too, it was the perfect way to kick off summer…until I got home mid-afternoon in 50 degree weather!

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One Response to “Pre-Memorial Day Minication”

  1. So glad you had quality time with your bestie, always love to read your adventures! You have such a great way of describing your outings, it leaves your audience wanting more stories!

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