New Strawberry Bed

I got a bunch of extra strawberry starts from my in-laws. Since most of my garden was already planted, I decided to start a new bed just for strawberries. I already had a patch of wild strawberries and had planted a couple starts in a tire, but these are especially cold hardy so they get a fresh patch. I was going to till up an old pig pen and plant them there, but it needed a lot of rehab to keep the animals out and it would require new hoses to get water to it. Instead, I dug up a patch where an old fire pit was, pounded in some stakes and wrapped it with scrap chicken wire.


I added a sign I made for motivation.

grow damn it

And it seems to be working! My shallots, bok choi and radishes are going gangbusters and I have cucumbers coming up.

radish shallot bok choi cucumber

My lone artichoke continues on…


~ by accordingtoleanne on May 21, 2015.

One Response to “New Strawberry Bed”

  1. Good job, Leanne, you GROW girl! PS Love the sign! I want one!

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