Saturday Treasure Hunt

We’d planned on visiting a friend at a craft fair in Taos, but the wind has been horrendous today. I decided to grab a few groceries in town and hit the thrift shops while I was at it. At the first shop they charged me $5 for 3 coffee mugs, 2 shirts, some ribbon, 2 cookie sheets an otter and this awesome lard tin;


My other random goodies:


At the second store, I found this random electrical device for $7 (hubby loves to pull apart old electronics) but when I looked it up online, it’s worth between $300-$500, so he’s not allowed to rip into this one. But what a score!


When I finished, it started snowing…yeah snow in New Mexico in MAY. It was 70 and sunny a week ago. But that’s New Mexico for ya.


~ by accordingtoleanne on May 9, 2015.

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