Garden Planting

This weekend has been perfect for planting. It’s been cool and cloudy so I made the most of it and got our gardens planted. In one garden I planted 2 varieties of kohlrabi, my kitchen herbs and a corn circle with squash. In planning our garden this year, my M-I-L sent me this graphic about symbiotic planting, so I tried to adhere to beneficial plant pairings.


Corn and squash are part of the Native American Three Sisters planting group, I’m not a big fan of beans, so I skipped them, but Corn and Parsley get along well, so I tucked a few in between the squash mounds. It’s not much to look at yet, pictures coming soon. We’ve always had problems with bugs and kohlrabi, so I planted my herbs in with them to hopefully deter some pests.

I’m experimenting with potatoes. I wanted to do them in some kind of container, initially tires, but in my research it sounds like root vegetables soak up the toxicity from the tires. After checking out several methods, I settled on the wire cage type.

potato cage

I staked the chicken wire down with bamboo poles and lined the bottom and sides with leaf and straw compost. This one is planted with 3 types of potatoes, 3 plants of each; reds, taro (purple) and gold. Once the plants get to be 6 inches tall, I’ll add more soil. I’m planning to go all the way to the top to maximize the yield. I also tried an experiment with some Yukon Golds in a mesh laundry basket. It was broken, so no big thing if it doesn’t work. I’ll do the same process as with the cage and fill it up to the top.

laundry potatoes

As you can see, we’ve got a lot of tires. From my research it sounds like strawberries are fine to do in tires. I planted some in our tractor tire, some in an old sink and a couple backups in our greenhouse.

straw tire strawberry sink

My tulips have bloomed too! Scooby is minding his garden manners FOR ONCE. The first of the hummingbirds have arrived as well.

tulip 1 tulip2 tulip3

In our front garden, I followed more companion planting guidelines. I made some trellaces out of bamboo, based on this:


Mine are smaller, but I have them across beds in hopes that my peas and cucumbers will hang like this:



I planted my cucumbers with lettuce and bok choi. The bed closest to me is radishes. I’ve got some of the beds covered with scrap windows to keep them warmer and moist until they sprout.


A 180 will find my new rhubarb and purple asparagus from roots.


Across from the cucumbers, I have Romanesco broccoli, cauliflower and Di Cecco broccoli that I started a couple weeks ago in our greenhouse. Planted among them are Dill and Sage to help with pests. I’ll also be adding Rosemary to this bed once I get a start.


On the other trellis I have peas growing up both sides. On the East I have beets to compliment the peas. Then onions for the beets. Followed by more onion varieties, shallots and garlic.


On the other side the peas are planted next to 3 types of carrots, followed by leeks (when I get them) with chives, green onions and lavender as companions. I’ve got the carrots covered with windows to help them sprout.

leek bed

My last bed is just 2 mounds for pie pumpkins. Tree roots have grown into this bed, so it’s not much use for root veggies. I threw in a few leftover onion starts around the mounds to see how they do.


I put the artichoke start we got from a friend in the cage to protect it and laid a metal grate over the wild strawberry patch.

artichokewild strawberry

And now we wait…

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