Cat Show

Last weekend we went down to Albuquerque for a friend’s 30th birthday and since we were down there…I dragged my husband to the TICA Cat Show where they were having the Bengal Congress. I was hoping that there would be a kitten that we couldn’t resist at the right price, but there were only 2 bengals for sale, one 2 years old and one 1 1/2 years. Too old to introduce smoothly into our household.


Even so, we had a great time looking at all the cats and picked out 2 new toys for our fur-children. These shows always have a HUGE selection of cat toys. My husband actually enjoyed it a bit, I think. He was amused with the cat showings where they play with and stretch out the cats.

cat2 Sphinx cats because my bestie is allergic, but loves cats.

Plus we got to compare some winning examples to Hootie, our own Bengal cat. My hubby is fascinated with genetics, particularly in plants, but we could see that there were some really interesting differences from our cat and the others. Ours is an F4 and has a very wide, lion-like face while a lot of the cats we saw had petite faces. Ours also has glittered fur, which I didn’t realize is kind of rare. And Hootie’s color is really rich. A lot of the cats we saw had more golden and tawny fur, while Hoot is more coppery. We saw one intact male that had an enormous head and neck. Hoot is neutered, so he hasn’t gotten that beefy. The breeder told us they bulk up more if their hormones are left intact.



In any case, it was a blast. I even got a free cat coloring book! I might let a certain child I know have it if she’s REALLY good. We spent a couple hours enjoying beer and porch sitting with our friends, something we are going to have to do again!

~ by accordingtoleanne on April 4, 2015.

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