Doctor Downer

I went to the doctor about a month ago to establish primary care. During that visit, my doctor was attentive and sharp and I felt really hopeful about finally getting a diagnosis. When I went back a couple weeks later to find out the results of a couple blood tests she ordered, she was yawning and couldn’t remember why we’d ordered thyroid tests. I had to explain to her that we were looking for a physiological cause for my panic attacks. All of the blood tests came back normal, but my thyroid was on the low side of the normal range. For some reason, she decided that was enough to try and treat me for low thyroid, so she prescribed me B6, B12, Magnesium, serotonin and Gaba. I’ve tried stimulating my thyroid before and the results were horrible. I couldn’t sleep more than 2-3 hours at a stretch and I panicked several times a day. I have a follow up with her on the 28th, but I’m not sure I want to continue since she’s coming up with the same things I’ve tried with countless other doctors. I’m pretty well stabilized right now and while there’s room for improvement, I don’t want to rock the boat unnecessarily.

~ by accordingtoleanne on April 3, 2015.

4 Responses to “Doctor Downer”

  1. That is disturbing, and maybe you should tell her exactly what you just wrote. She should be attentive to your needs and hopefully is keeping proper notes on what you are telling her at each visit. It has been so difficult for you to find out what works for you and she should be trying to listen to what all you have tried, and build from there. I wish you luck, but don’t hesitate to call her on her professionalism if on the next visit she is still vague. Is there another doctor there? I am hoping that you have a better experience next visit.

  2. Please seek the advise of an Endocrinologist. They specialize in this area. Look up foods NOT to eat…and yes it’s a bummer.

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