Hubby’s Birthday

Yesterday my husband turned 30. Yes, he’s an April Fool’s baby. He didn’t want to have a party, so I decided to prank him. I usually don’t prank him on his birthday, but this time I wanted to mark the occasion even if he refused a get-together.

I put googly eyes on everything in the fridge and photocopied my head and put it in a jar. He was somehow oblivious to these tricks.


How do you miss a bright green gallon jar in the fridge!? I got him with soy sauce in the Coca Cola bottle. He usually grabs it and juggs it in front of the fridge, so he got a gulp down before he realized something was wrong. Best prank ever. He didn’t notice the green kool aid in the shower head or me changing the programing on his Google Chrome so that all photos would show Nicholas Cage. He did notice covering his mouse sensor with paper and blue food coloring on his toothbrush.

On the positive side, I made him some tenderloin steaks from the yearling elk cow I got last elk hunt and his favorite home fries.


He also got a pistachio white chocolate german cake.


You can make a white chocolate german cake with this recipe:  (you’ll need this additional recipe for frosting I highly recommend the matches on the cake. It’s like fire dominoes and looks awesome.


~ by accordingtoleanne on April 2, 2015.

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