Tamara’s Birthday

Back in February, my best friend/lifemate had a birthday. I went down to Albuquerque to spend it with her. We went out to dinner at BJ’s and got her a Pizzookie.


We had a good ol’ sleepover and since her daughter had an early release day at school, we picked her up and headed into Albuquerque for lunch. Ta Lin Market has food trucks set up every Wednesday, so we went there to try some new grub. I got something called bibimbap from a Korean food truck. Tamara got her daughter a smoked turkey leg (she’s a tiny hardcore carnivore) and a strawberry shake.

10978702_418280884993986_3583283032660473250_n 10858475_418280894993985_6406466715503005200_n

Then we went inside. Neither of them had ever been to Ta Lin Market before and had a blast. We bought all kinds of weird crap to try.

1795754_418281278327280_939864137564326512_n 10947357_418281291660612_8198534273227517745_n 10953196_418281331660608_1723137567834901448_n 10959527_418281211660620_2609918288247429688_n 10959679_418282031660538_8126425231444354895_n

It kind of turned into a game of find all the dirty looking stuff, but we got some mangosteen and rambutan to try. I ate a chocolate covered bug and we all had our fill of strange carbonated drinks.


Then we hit the indoor flea markets for some shopping and goofing off.

1910112_928676237150610_3824061926157089044_n 10341996_928651183819782_8057840573209620066_n 10373806_928676310483936_493085110387888905_n 10486199_928651157153118_2657865168426442285_n 10686883_928676280483939_6676261586268871504_n 10858521_928651250486442_7840730147032575304_n 10917438_928651333819767_246088246428582291_n 10968553_928651220486445_8456627898944471657_n

~ by accordingtoleanne on March 1, 2015.

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