A Year in a Nutshell

I took a break from blogging while I was planning, doing and recovering from our wedding…ok…even more of a break than that. I started up an offshoot of this blog January 1st and I’m finding I miss the free-flowing blog I had here. So I’m going to fire this baby back up. Since I last posted, almost a year ago, these things have happened:

1. I made a ton of stuff for our wedding. Here’s some of the projects:

IMG_3471 LJNA9764 LJNA9765 LJNA9768 NALJ4460 IMG_3464 IMG_3465 ???????????????????????????????

2. I started playing with beer brewing in the hopes of serving home brew at the wedding. My first batch didn’t come out at all. It was overly fizzy and bitter. I think I missed sanitizing something. My bad batch would have been a grapefruit honey ale. I tried a Mr Beer kit to make apple cider, but it was gross too. I also made some nettle beer, elderflower champagne and mead. Those projects came out better, but I’m still working on it.

3. In June we had our Bachelor/Bachelorette parties. We went up to Denver with my sister-in-law-to-be and her husband. The boys went to Shotgun Willie’s Show Club (a.k.a. strip club where my fiance’s best friend works) and the ladies went to Femme Fatale of Denver where we got dolled up and took pinup photos. It was so much fun!

June27 247

We joined the boys at the strip club (we were welcome, we enjoy the occasional pole trick!) and got to see the special bachelor’s dance. I should have known something epic was coming when our best man handed me a pile of ones. They pulled my fiance up on stage and started off with a normal lap dance with four girls. He was grinning from ear to ear, until they took his glasses and used their heels to rip his underwear off. They borrowed his brother-in-law’s belt to beat him with. He came out of that complaining for weeks about the welts they left on his ass. We all had an excellent time to remember.

4. I celebrated my 28th birthday at Cave of the Winds in Manitou Springs, CO. What can I say, I’m a rock geek. It was much larger than I expected and had great history in the tours.

10382453_316634311825311_787528585472279439_n 5327_316633765158699_3231040111886764205_n 10302273_316633631825379_8303330207187618668_n

After our cave adventure, we had dinner at Summit at the Broadmoor. I tried frog legs, escargots and swordfish.

1532043_316633761825366_8480290754888783371_o 10542770_316633588492050_3062914533970951898_o 10380502_316633558492053_4313800763785612095_o 10514431_316633731825369_8112194530282300354_o

I don’t think I like frog legs. I’ve tried them several times now and I never like them. Escargot have a few tries left. These weren’t very good. The swordfish was amazing. They wrapped it in thin potato slices and baked it. The dessert was kind of forced on us, but it was beautiful.

5. My best friend won tickets to the Antiques Roadshow, so I brought a few things my mom’s been wondering about. It was pretty disappointing. They hardly looked at our things and WAY under appraised them. They told me a leather trunk in pristine condition was only worth $50. I have my doubts. They didn’t even notice her book was a signed copy. We had fun anyway.


6. In August, we got married! Everything looked amazing, but I somehow managed to forget to shave my armpits before the wedding and had a panic attack making us start 30 minutes late for the ceremony. My cook didn’t show up or give me any notice after I’d paid him. We found a replacement that did a great job.

10547472_832418366776398_6176614168037186780_n NALJ4530 NALJ4428 LJNA9955 NALJ4368 10568961_718929454826890_7160723076722659818_n

We decided to have a little bit of a carnival theme with a bb gun star shooting game, cotton candy, popcorn, etc. I wouldn’t change anything about it though. It was a perfect day, even with a couple trip ups.

7. I was drawn for a muzzleloader elk hunt in October. It was a hard hunt and we didn’t see much, but at the last minute on the last day, I managed to get us a small elk. I had a lot of great hikes and saw a lot of wildlife.

greenie peak pano

8. We had Thanksgiving at the Hyatt Tamaya resort and Christmas at my mom’s. We had our own Christmas at home. I made us Lemon Poppyseed Pancakes with strawberry syrup. My hubby managed to tell me he didn’t like pancakes as he wolfed down the whole thing. When I questioned him about it, he decided he likes pancakes like that.

1393625_399631560192252_6314898548695356062_n 10269485_398055237016551_2017855485590586831_n

We got Chinese takeout for New Year’s Eve.


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One Response to “A Year in a Nutshell”

  1. So very glad to hear that you are back! Sure enjoyed the nutshell! Thanks for the memories!

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