Girls Weekend

I won a trip to Taos Ski Valley and decided to make it a girls weekend for myself and a friend who hasn’t been on vacation since her school aged child was born. We stayed at the Edelwiess Lodge and had a blast. The first day we went on a yarn shopping spree in Taos, which is actually a pretty yarn-savvy place and ordered pizza to our hotel room. We didn’t have any cups, so we were left drinking moonshine out of coffee mugs.

unnamed 1

It didn’t matter. We were a little tipsy by the time the pizza guy arrived and ended up making up a theoretical missed connections post on craigslist, which I wish we’d posted because it was hilarious. I remember coming up with “We don’t ski, but you can ride our slopes” and worse.


On Saturday we explored a little, looking for a shop called Chocolate Xtreme, but settled for Margaritas for breakfast when we couldn’t find it.


We drove the Enchanted Circle through Red River, where I did what I was told specifically not to and attempted to get up to the family land to check on wedding sites. I actually almost got there, but got stuck within sight of the cabin. We had to call my soon-to-be sister in law to get us out. Once we got out, we headed back to Taos for dinner at the Gorge Bar & Grill. It was amazing. Best steak in town, I dare say. We also tried something I’ve never heard of; a blackberry gimlet. We got back to the hotel just in time for a soak in the hot tub.


On Sunday we had breakfast at Michael’s Kitchen in Taos, which was a huge letdown. I love their baked goods, but the burrito my friend got was lame. It’s especially surprising because there was a line out the door the whole time we were there. All in all it was a fun weekend. I’ve been in high gear the last few days trying to catch up with chores and work after being gone a couple days.

~ by accordingtoleanne on April 2, 2014.

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