We planned out a honeymoon, but we aren’t sure yet if we’re going this Fall or not. We’ll find out as the wedding gets closer and we know what kind of cash is available, but if all things went our way, we’d be doing this for our honeymoon:

Day 1: Start out from home with a ton of snacks and good music. Stop in Montrose, CO at Horsefly Brewing Company for a beer and some rocky mountain oysters (bull testicles. It’s probably going to be gross, but I’ve never tried it). We’ll drive right past Moab and the Arches. Have some dinner in Salt Lake City with a friend, I’m told they have amazing Belgian Waffles.


Day 2: Have Sub-Zero Ice Cream in Odgen, lunch in Nampa, ID and dinner in Pedelton, OR. We’ll make it to Seattle and crash.


Day 3: Completely gorge ourselves for most of the day at Pikes Market in Seattle. Daily Dozen Doughnuts and Pikes Place Bagels are on the menu for breakfast, along with the Farmer’s market. Radiator Whiskey and Sushi sound amazing for lunch. We want to walk the market, of course and possibly ship home some awesome goodies. I’m also hoping to see some fresh King Crab. Yum…


We’ll ride the ferry over to Bremerton and have some dinner at Silver City. I can’t wait to suck down one of their beers and munch several orders of their smoked salmon dip.


Day 4: Have breakfast in Silverdale and drive up to Dungeness Seafood Company to have some fresh Dungeness crab. Visit a lavender farm and get some lavender ice cream. We’ll drive out to Cape Flattery and take a hike through the rainforest to the sea.


After our hike, we’ll stay the night and have dinner at Sol Duc Hot springs.


Day 5: Have breakfast in Forks and look at the Twi-hards. Stop at Crescent Lake for a few minutes because it’s amazing.


Head to Tacoma and have some lunch at Ram Brewing and see the glass museum. Drive through Spokane to Whitehall, MT.


Day 6: Drive through the SW corner of Yellowstone. We’ll do the hike to the Fountain Paint Pot


Hike the Prismatic Spring and have a picnic lunch.


Check out Old Faithful and grab some dinner at the Old Faithful Restaurant and head South.


Day 7: We worked in an extra day, so we can stay a night in Denver if we want or just get home. We want to stop at the Terry Bison Ranch in Cheyenne for some fresh Bison meat.


I also want to see Hammonds’ Candy Factory. And we’ll zip on home to soothe our angry cats that got left behind. Am I missing any tasty food I should be eating or cool spots I need to check out along the way?


~ by accordingtoleanne on March 21, 2014.

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