Cyst Saga

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I’ve felt like crap the last few weeks because of this cyst on my head. It’s about silver dollar size a few inches above my ear. I’ve had cysts before and usually, it’s just a matter of lancing it at home. I’ve tried just about everything to cut this open and have had no luck. It got to the point that it was so swollen that I was getting vertigo and losing the hearing in my ear on that side. Before I could make an appointment with the doctor, the thing decided to rupture sub-subcutaneously (ie under the skin) It was hurting so bad I couldn’t sleep on that side, so I went in to Urgent Care. They found I was running a temperature, so put me on antibiotics and sent me on my way. After taking the antibiotics 4 times a day for a week, the cyst isn’t swollen or hurting anymore, but it didn’t reabsorb like my doctor was hoping it would. It doesn’t photograph very impressively, but it’s driving me crazy.

And, added bonus: The antibiotics cause yeast infections. Yay…

~ by accordingtoleanne on March 13, 2014.

One Response to “Cyst Saga”

  1. 😦 Leanne! I’m so sorry. Monistat 7 and perhaps Once Upon a Time on Hulu is all I can recommend. ….. or yea and yogurt– for the yeast infection. 🙂

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