Dorito and Cheese Chicken with Avocado Jalapeno Ranch Sauce

Oh Yum! This is pretty rich. I halved the recipe and we still had leftovers.


For the chicken:

4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts

Bag of Doritos Nacho Cheese chips

4 ounces shredded cheese of your choice

1 cup mayonnaise

1/2 Tablespoon garlic powder

1/2 Tablespoon cumin

1/2 Tablespoon chili powder

2 teaspoons lime juice

For the sauce:

1 cup mayo

1/2 cup buttermilk

1 cup sour cream

1 packet Ranch dip mix

1 Tablespoon garlic powder

1 Tablespoon onion powder

1-3 Tablespoons diced jalapenos

1 teaspoon lime juice

2 avocados

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

2. Crush up your chips in a food processor. Stir in the cheese. Set aside.

3. Whisk together mayo, garlic powder, chili powder, cumin and lime juice. Dredge chicken in mayo mix and then through the chip mix. You might have the press them on there for a good coating. Bake for 25-30 minutes until chicken is done and chips are crispy.

4. Blend all sauce ingredients in a food processor or blender and serve over chicken.

~ by accordingtoleanne on February 21, 2014.

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