DIY Litter Box

Hootie has had this habit of peeing all over the side of his litter box since I’ve had him. I think it’s because of the genetics involved being a Bengal, but it sucks. At least he keeps his spraying in the litter box. Or he tries. Most designs of litter boxes allow pee to puddle up and drip out onto the floor, super gross. I’ve tried box after box, I even found this super cool one that sifts itself, but because of how he was using it, it was rendered nonfunctional. I decided to get a storage bin from the dollar store and try one of those. Hopefully, the seam on the lid is high enough up that he can’t make a mess.


This was pretty easy and looks like it’ll be easy to keep clean. I drew on the door with sharpie. I chose to use the wide side for the door because there are some contours that would make cutting difficult on the sides and because it fits in the old litter box spot. I used a dremel tool to cut out the flap. I had to use a torch to heat the plastic to bend it into a little step. Then, using a rivet gun, put in a couple rivets at the bottom of the flap. I also scraped the edges to knock off any sharp spots. So far they like it. Especially Lucy-Cat. She gets tired of having to share Hoot’s stink.

~ by accordingtoleanne on February 20, 2014.

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