Wedding Arrangement Vases

We bought over 100 of these gallon jars off Craigslist a couple years ago, so I decided to decorate them and make them vases for our flower arrangements for our wedding. I bought some coordinating burlap ribbon from a shop on called House of Burlap. You can see her products here I used double stick tape to attach the ribbons so that we could reuse them after the wedding. I bought enough ribbon to make 12 jars, but I decided 6 was plenty to decorate our aisle, so we have extra for accents.


~ by accordingtoleanne on January 20, 2014.

3 Responses to “Wedding Arrangement Vases”

  1. Those look great! Love the lavender burlap, and the ribbon just sets the stage for the flowers that will go inside. Good job!

  2. “I love flowers and knew I’d do the flowers myself. I once did a floristry evening class and at one point considered becoming a florist so I knew the basics. We had friends and family save jam jars for the vases. I had added ribbon and paper doilies to decorate them.

  3. “Our Florist was Poppies in Kirkham – they were amazing. I had a homemade vintage country garden feel to the wedding in mind so i started collecting all the jars, glasses, jugs, boxes, candle holders from charity shops and vintage shops for the flowers to go in. Nothing matched and I wanted the flowers to look wild and different, as if I’d just picked them out of a garden.

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