Goodbye 2013!

In reading my friends’ Christmas cards, I noticed that I’m missing something in my cards. I should put a summary of our year and some extra pictures in with it. I usually send out a card with a picture of us, but here is what I should have included:

12-29-2013 08;32;42AM

It’s been a big year for us. Leanne won a car in January and we paid off our property. We now own 2 acres with 2 houses on it free and clear! Nate got to work doing renovations and repairs to prepare for my dad to visit in December. We still have a lot of outdoor work to do when the weather warms up.


Leanne has a memoir mostly written, but is waiting for more material before she publishes. It’s been a long year of trying to diagnose Leanne’s mental problems, a doctor diagnosed Bipolar, but we have serious doubts and refuse to go back because his only options were risky medications. We still don’t know exactly what it is, but it’s stabilized for the most part and that’s good enough for us. Leanne got a deer in October and we’ve already made it up into sausages and jerky.


Nate got into playing with the stock market a bit and has already added zeros to our investments. In July, he popped the question while we were checking our trail cameras and we’ll be getting married in August 2014.


In October, Nate got us what seemed like the only Elk in the area! Nothing to write home about, but meat for the winter. He’s got about a million inventions about to explode out of his head, I have a feeling I will be getting very good at patent paperwork…


Lucy-Furr has gotten so affectionate that Leanne had to buy a baby carrier to hold her so she could get some work done. She adores Nate and will stare at him for hours. She drools whenever he touches her, which really grosses him out. She has spent most of the winter sleeping by the wood stove, so she’s gotten quite chunky. This Spring, she starts an exercise program!


Hootie has really come out of his shell this year. He’s decided that Nate is his buddy and he loves to wrestle with him and to get ‘beat-in’s’ in the sun room. He lays on his side and Nate thumps him on the sides like Shiatsu. Hoot rolls all over and even bites if he’s not doing it hard enough. He had to have some teeth pulled because they were split and broken, apparently common in Bengals. He got spoiled with kitten food for a few weeks following. Hootie has gotten quite bossy with us if we’re outside without him and will yowl at us until we come back inside where he can guard us. He has decimated the spider and mouse population and has started cursing the rabbits from the window. He also seems to give orders to and take reports from Scooby, the dog.


Scooby is our dog as much as he can be owned by anyone. He’s a very free-spirited dog and does what he wants. We leave him food and water and have a bed for him, but there’s no telling when he’ll want to eat or come inside. Sometimes he wants to stay out in the cold all night, others he tries to sleep in bed with us. He even finagles his way into several neighbors’ to eat and sleep. He’s an older guy and has had a hard life before this, so we figure we’ll let him do as he pleases. He’s an excellent guard dog and is gentle with the cats. He thinks he’s a lap dog, but weighs over 100lbs. He’s a joy to have around, when he graces us with his presence.


Here goes another year with lots to do!

~ by accordingtoleanne on December 29, 2013.

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