The week (or longer) in Review

I haven’t written in awhile from a combination of depression and being busy, but here’s what I neglected to share:

1. My dad came to visit me! He came from Florida at about 80 degrees and landed in Denver at -7. He drove down by himself (crazy man!) to us at a balmy 16 degrees. We were going to go on a snow cat tour, but the guy either messed up the date or purposely rescheduled us later because he knew we were locals. We drove the enchanted circle and shopped in Taos.


The gorge bridge was funny because my dad knows about the Rio Grande (because who doesn’t?) so as we were driving up to it, he was all disappointed because it isn’t a super wide canyon, but it’s really deep. As we got closer and it dropped, he perked up. We walked out and did some quick pictures since it was blistering cold on the bridge.

1486918_10153537619665696_28564051_n 1460128_10153537620055696_294110755_n

While we were shopping, we realized my dad was looking for some dichroic glass cabochons for his girl friend’s jewelry, so we headed home to make him some in our glass studio. We whipped up some pendants and pizza and stayed warm. He had to leave early to be sure to catch his plane, but it was one of the best visits we’ve had, even though my plans were shot.

2. I had a two day work week after that, but it felt like the longest week ever. (See my pre-mid-life crisis post I really needed the short week and our overnight trip in Albuquerque.

3. We headed to Albuquerque on Friday morning and got some errands done. One particular errand, aka ordering my wedding dress, was weird. It’s like buying a car, but it’s on order so it cannot be discontinued on me. After that we bought Nate some new shoes for the first time in about 4 years. I’m happy because I am very particular about men’s shoes. I’ve always treated white shoes on men as a deal-breaker, but Nate snuck a pair out of his closet after we bought a house together, so I had to deal, but now he has acceptable man shoes and I am appeased. We checked into our hotel and got changed for a Christmas party at my mom’s antique shop, then my company Christmas party. I obtained my lobster ravioli, red wine and bonus and had a great conversation with a few co-workers (I work away from my office, so we don’t have much chance to socialize around the water cooler) and we retired to our hotel. The room was nice, but we were right on a main street and cars never pass within about 1/4 mile of our house, so we had trouble sleeping with all the street noise. The bed and the pillows weren’t up to our bed-snob standards (tempurpedic with plush blankets as sheets, it’s like sleeping in a stuffed animal) so we both woke up sore at 6am.

4. I had a friend come and do my hair in the hotel room and got my makeup done at Sephora. The updo doubled as a hair trial for my own wedding in August and it’s pretty close to what we’ll do then. I’m glad it’s been this easy (so far! knock on wood, right…) Sephora has a skin scanner thing that is awesome. I’ve never had proper foundation before, but now I’ve got a perfect match. They do your makeup for a $50 purchase, so I bought the matchy foundation and the blending brush to put it on with. I’ll never be able to reproduce everything she did, but I think I might be able to do my own makeup for my wedding. She put on all these primers and sealers and layers of powders that I think I can get away with skipping. We showed up at the wedding and everything went well, although the bride lost her shoes and vows, but the ones she wrote on the spot were perfect. I learned a few things for my own wedding as well. I now know I need different shoes. The ones I intended to wear were sinking into the grass and I’ll be struggling enough with my dress, so I need some wedges or something like those. I liked her decoration ideas, she had everything in 2 rubber-maids and it was easy to put up and take down quickly. I learned to have candy available (to me) and tissues and not to use glitter ribbon on bouquets. She also solved our lopsided wedding party problems for me. I managed to get through the ceremony and in the car before I started throwing up. It came on fast and out of nowhere, but I’m used to it and I have my own special barf bags in the car. I was glad we had skipped the reception because I would have only made it a few minutes into dinner before I embarrassed myself. By Taos, I was puked out and feeling better, which was good because Nate’s sister called us around midnight to get an elk.


Apparently their neighbor, who is an ambulance driver had hit an elk with the ambulance in the head somewhere in a 30 mile stretch that he neglected to check what mile marker he was near, anyhow, they looked for it until about 2 am (in -2 degree weather) when they gave up and went home. We were all bundled up and geared up to go fetch some undamaged elk meat. Waste not, right? I’m pretty sure someone else grabbed it by the time we got around to looking for it almost an hour later. We passed out for a long cozy sleep and are enjoying being home today.

5. Although we missed home and are worn out, we needed the break from life. Desperately. I feel re-energized and refreshed. Any day you don’t puke is a good day. And there’s always this:


I think Patriots might want to reconsider their spandex choices…


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  1. Go Broncos!


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