It seems we now have a dog. Scooby has had a long and sordid history. I’m told he started at one house in the neighborhood and was driven into town and dropped off. He made his way back and eventually ended up living across the street. The guy over there didn’t feed him or keep water out for him, so he started hanging around our place. We fed him and gave him water, so he decided to stay permanently.


He still only goes across the street to crap in his previous owner’s yard. When Nate’s parents moved to their new house he went with them, but came over to visit several times a day. When his parents rescued a puppy, Scooby protested by sleeping out in the sagebrush. We set up a few blankets on the couch on our porch for him and he decided to stay there.


So we started feeding him and now he’s sleeping on our bedroom floor every night.

IMG_3265 IMG_3266

He’s such a funny dog. He’s a completely free agent, if he doesn’t like something he changes it. He looks like a pit bull/chow cross of some kind, but he’s a shining example of a well behaved dog. Those breeds get a bad rep, but he’s quite gentle, even with the puppy that drives him crazy. He doesn’t bother the cats, he drinks their water, but doesn’t touch their food, he sleeps all night, he never jumps or gets crazy inside, he never barks in the house, he takes treats very carefully and takes his guard-dog duties seriously. He’s an older dude, so I figure he can life the high life for awhile. He certainly deserves it. He’s getting fat already…

~ by accordingtoleanne on November 26, 2013.

2 Responses to “Scooby”

  1. Good for you and Scooby! He looks so happy!!! Glad he has a truce with the cats!

  2. Scooby is perfectly Gorgeous! Thank you for rescuing him!

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