Wedding Dress Pick

I’ve spent the last few months torturing Nate showing him dress after dress online and I never thought I’d find one when I went to try some on. It’d been my intention to try on a few different silhouettes and then narrow my search from there. My budget was originally $500  since I planned to buy a custom gown online. Nate ruined my plans with his dress choice. He picked a dress I hated in the pictures and on the rack, but I quickly inserted my foot in my mouth. I’d been telling the dressing room girl that I hated it, but wanted him to see one he chose. She knew I’d like it and I soon ate my words. Of course, I forgot to take any pictures, which would have been a lot more amusing for everyone.

First, I tried on one I thought I LOVED from the pictures:


It was pretty, but much bigger than I thought it was. Next was this ballgown, but it just couldn’t shine like the last one:


Then, we attempted to try on my friend’s gaudy pick (for her amusement) but they didn’t have it in the store:


And finally, Nate’s pick and the one I just can’t top:



The dress looks better in person and looks amazing on me. It’s more than twice our original budget, but it made everyone a little teary, so we’ve got to go with it. I’m shocked it only took 3 dresses to find the perfect one and even more surprised that Nate picked it out.


~ by accordingtoleanne on November 1, 2013.

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