Happy Halloween

Halloween is one of the holidays that make me think I’d like to have kids someday… then I remember I dislike children. (Note: Not all children and probably not your kid, but generally children in general) Maybe I should rent a child for holidays. Or I need to be an aunt. I miss making a big deal of silly holidays and dressing up. Even in college, Halloween was about dressing slutty and getting drunk. Tonight, I’ll probably watch Hocus Pocus and enjoy some seasonal brews. I haven’t seen it since I was a kid, it’s the one where the witches turn the kid into a mouse, right? If I’m wrong, I think I’m in for a surprise and need to figure out what the mouse movie was.

On the lines of Halloween movies: Ernest Scared Stupid did scare me stupid when I was a kid. I wanted to check it out again to get a laugh about it and it turns out you have to pay to watch it on DirecTv! Wtf? Since when does a movie from 1991 rate as a PPV?

I wanted to decorate, but the neighborhood kids are more like hoodlums, so here’s some ideas I wanted to do:






Broken open glow stick glue on the stairs


Shredded trash bag on the porch

~ by accordingtoleanne on October 31, 2013.

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