Cinnamon Bug


Our Bengal, Hootie has been using our greenhouse as a litterbox for the last 2 years, but I think I may have finally fixed his little red wagon. I saw somewhere that you could add ground cinnamon to your kids’ sandbox to keep your cats out. I was skeptical, but cinnamon is cheap, so I gave it a shot. Surprisingly, it’s working. Last week, I cleaned out the top layer of dirt (which was horrible and really gross) and sprinkled 2 medium sized bottles of cinnamon on the fresh, non-pee smelling, dirt. Hoot is famous for hitting the litter box while I’m cleaning it out, so he ran for the fresh dirt, but quickly decided it was better not to stir up the cinnamon by digging. Over this week, he’s gotten a little used to the cinnamon, so that he still walks out there, but we’ve started calling him cinnamon bug and asking him if he’s got cinnamon on his butt. He usually makes a grouchy noise in response. He gets cinnamon all over his paws and then gets the smell all over his head when he cleans himself. Double bonus! Deodorize and discipline the cat in one fell swoop!

It got me thinking about the cinnamon challenge (If you’ve been living under a rock, go youtube cinnamon challenge; or better yet, go try it yourself. I’ll wait. Try to eat a spoonful of cinnamon and tell me how it goes) and how funny it’d be to see a cat do the cinnamon challenge. (I’d never do that to my cat!)

~ by accordingtoleanne on September 23, 2013.

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