Not as Advertised…

We drove up to Pagosa Springs over the weekend to check out a B&B that looked amazing and perfect from the pictures. It was a 3 hour drive and we were just sure we’d love the place and book it right then and there.

Looks amazing, right? We pull up and discover that it’s right off the highway. Like 200 feet close. We almost gave up right then, but decided we had driven that far and they were expecting us. Wrong. The innkeeper had completely forgotten about us coming and was much more concerned about a guest that was supposed to show up sometime that afternoon. After explaining her no shoes in the house policy to us despite the black lab roaming the house freely, we were given a 10 minute tour. The house was nice, but there was no way she was going to be able to cook for the reception in her 4 burner kitchen. The deck, which had such great views in the photos, actually overlooked some farm properties with sheds and trailers, etc. Our photographer would have to get creative to avoid the eyesores below. We were shown the Honeymoon Suite that was in the basement. Not really what I consider romantic… The kicker was that this place is up for sale, so she was only taking reservations 4 months in advance in case the place sold. I didn’t feel good about that so, we left a little deflated because it clearly wasn’t going to happen. On the drive home, we discussed our location at length and decided to follow a family tradition and get married in Red River. The more we thought about it the better it sounded. We spent time as kids up there together, got engaged up there and generally love it. It’s closer to home and less traveling for family. Plus, it cuts at least $2700 from our budget.


~ by accordingtoleanne on August 13, 2013.

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