Kitchen Before & After

My kitchen is an ongoing project, but I managed to get my walls redone. I have some stainless steel on order for a kitchen back splash behind my stove (pictures coming asap…). They will match the stainless fridge that is also on order. I started by painting our dingy walls with Kilz paint and the trim with some Rustoleum Red Enamel. I couldn’t believe the difference the white paint made. The whole kitchen looks larger because of the light reflecting in there. The red was a major upgrade from the flat brown I had in the spice cabinet. I bought some chalkboard contact paper and stuck it on the stained paneling above the counter and a special chalk marker for Bistro signs. The most time consuming part of the whole project was drawing out my chalk designs. My fiance had bought me a Burgundy KitchenAid the Christmas before last, so I’ve based my whole kitchen off that. I won some curtains from Marburn curtains and they look adorable. I hung the valance a bit higher than the window to make the window look larger.



Project cost:

Kilz Odorless Paint (a little over a quart): $9

Chalkboard contact paper: $10

New electrical covers in stainless: $7

Chalk Bistro Marker: $4

Curtains: Free, but normally $18

Rustoleum Enamel $5

Stainless steel for backsplash: $150

New carpet: $22

New fridge (will be delivered soon, from me for my birthday): $1300


Total kitchen remodel cost: $1525

More pictures as we get more of the materials in.

~ by accordingtoleanne on July 12, 2013.

3 Responses to “Kitchen Before & After”

  1. Very nice!!! Love that contact paper! Wonder if you could do some in the back of the cabinets to brighten them up? I wanted to do something like that at the new house just temporarily until we get the cabinet doors on. Seems I saw something about applying contact paper to a piece of cardboard and placing it in the back of the shelves, have you seen anything like that? You have made that kitchen look like a million! Great job!

  2. Love the spice rack also, what a great red!!!! It really makes the curtains shine and ties everything together. You have many creative talents Leanne!

  3. Nate claims he’s going to build me some cabinet doors, but we all know how those things go… I had considered paint or something in the cabinets, they do need something. Thanks!

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