Please Be Mad

I had to drop off Hootie (my eldest fur-baby) at the vet this morning to have one of his teeth pulled. When I took him in for a booster, they looked at his teeth because I’d noticed him acting weird when he eats and found a cracked and infected tooth. He’ll be 6 in a month, so he’s also due to have his teeth cleaned. I’m majorly on edge because they have to put him under anesthesia and with my spiraling anxious mind, I’m up to the level where he’s probably going to be one of those rare cases where an animal dies from the anesthesia. He’s been out of sorts and sleeping a lot since his shots, which is not helping my nerves. I hate it that he’s sleeping under the bed and in the closet. I hate it that he’s mad at me. I hate it that he’s REALLY going to be pissed at me tonight. At least pissed is alive. I’ll take the silent treatment.

I get to pick him up late this afternoon. Wish him luck!


* A quick update tonight: Hootie had 4 teeth pulled, the good ones cleaned and polished and his ears cleaned. He’s sleeping now, but we’re hoping he’ll give the wet food we got him a try tonight.

~ by accordingtoleanne on June 21, 2013.

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