Wine Cork Letters

I saw this online and couldn’t resist making one for The Dude’s parents. You’ll need: a board, saw, bunch of corks, ribbon and glue.


First, get your letter(s) ready. I free handed mine with a sharpie, but you can use several sheets of printer paper to trace your pattern. Then, you’ll want to cut it out. I got The Dude to cut mine for me with a jigsaw.

Once you have it cut out (don’t worry too much about jagged edges, they’ll be covered by the ribbon) you want to lay out your corks to make sure they will fit with minimal cutting.

I chose to lay mine out in an ombre pattern (light to dark) that didn’t require any cutting of corks. Glue them in a row at a time. You might have to shave off a few edges on the corks from wine openers, but it should be pretty easy going. Glue the ribbon around the edges and you’re done!




~ by accordingtoleanne on December 27, 2012.

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