Thank You Notes!

I can’t say how important thank you notes are. I don’t give further gifts to people who don’t show their appreciation for them. So, if you’re off today, take a minute to thank the people who made your Holidays bright.

This year, the turkey was amazing (I will put up the recipe in a few days) and we had dinners with both families. I got a WiiFit board (that we’re returning because it’s not what we thought it’d be), an office chair, new shoes, a hunting back, a new purse, a toaster, lots of chocolates and a little spending money. I got myself/Hootie/Lucy a new cat box that is supposed to be easier to sift. I also got myself a flat whisk, cupcake set, 30 below rated socks, some touch screen gloves and a new water bottle. I will probably still buy myself a set of thermals and a few other things. I am also considering upgrading my phone to a Galaxy Note II, but we’ll see about that.

~ by accordingtoleanne on December 26, 2012.

One Response to “Thank You Notes!”

  1. oh you will love Galaxy Note II! I do not know how I lived without it before 🙂

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