Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

I celebrate Christmas, or at least have been trying to, but if you’re celebrating another Holiday, enjoy! This year has been a mixed bag for me. I started out very Ba-humbug, especially with the school shooting and resulting stupidity. I worked at it and forced it until a started to feel it. I forced myself to put up decorations, make up care packages and wrap presents. By the time I was done with that, my Christmas spirit was feeble, but alive.


I tried to build it with Christmas activities, but I didn’t get to participate in much that I wanted. The weather sucked, The Dude wasn’t into it or some other thing kept us from it. It really put a damper on my fledgling spirit. I like to put something on the front door, on the truck grill, put up a tree, go to see carolers and lights and festivals, going to buy presents and make a lot of cool stuff. A lot of my problem was expectations this year, although they were (as I felt) pathetically low. All I expected was a few decorations, I didn’t expect any presents since money’s been tight and to go out and do a few things together. I suppose I’m mostly missing the going and doing things, but those were the things I was counting on instead of presents.


We went to my mom’s for an early Christmas, which was great, except for the fight we had on the way there. He’d been complaining about having to get up to drive us there and I felt it was unfair to complain about this singular thing I wanted to go and do. Anyhow, I slept all day yesterday because I was depressed and have been putting on a brave face this morning. Christmas music while opening our few presents helped and a turkey in the oven is warming me up. My dad was overly-generous with me and it’s totally brightened my Holiday, my mom’s gifts were great too. The Dude got us a Wii-Fit board that I’ll have to check out.



~ by accordingtoleanne on December 25, 2012.

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