I usually walk around the ‘block’ (we don’t really have blocks out in the country) every day and I’ve made friends with one of our neighbors dogs. He goes walking with me every day. At first he was a little stand offish and a little aggressive when I passed his place, but now that we gained a little trust, he’s my best buddy. I think I like him partly because he’s very much like Hootie in personality and mannerisms, plus he’s got the same colors and he’s got tiger stripes. He’s really quite a beautiful dog under all the dirt.



He was living with a guy who’s barely keeping his own head above water and apparently didn’t have enough or care enough to feed Scooby or to thaw out his water. Scooby’s got a history in the neighborhood of running away from home and choosing his own new one, so it didn’t surprise us when he started hanging out over here. We felt bad for him and started giving him dog bones and water. I’ve recently noticed that he’s also got worms, so that’s not helping with the starvation.

I feel bad for the little dude because no one’s wanted him his whole life probably because he’s half pit bull and half chow. Not the most trusted of breeds out there, but this guy is as sweet as any lab out there. Since I’ve started taking care of him he is much more attentive on walks, he’ll go about 200 yards ahead then turn back to make sure I’m still coming. I’ve taught him to sit already and I think someone was trying to train him to hunt because he’s got a habit of sitting on your feet (or he was taken from his mom too early). He leans on your legs when you pet him and is very gentle. He’s even tried to play wrestle with me by putting his mouth around my arm (he is even careful here not to even set his teeth into skin) and by tugging on my pants leg. Also since we’ve started paying attention to him, he’s started curling his tail and he’s gotten smile-y. (Curly tailed dogs usually have to consciously curl their tails. It’s a sign of depression or illness in them when they aren’t curling them)

Doggie Smile

Doggie Smile

Obviously we can’t have him in the house with the cats, but I’m adopting him as much as we can. I got some food for him and put water out in the mornings. When it warms up in the Spring, he’s getting a bath. Poor thing is so filthy your hands come away visibly dirty when you pet him. We’re thinking of setting him up a dog house with a heated blanket or making a spot for him on our porch. I’m not sure where he’s sleeping, he may already have a doghouse over at the neighbor’s house or maybe he’s allowed in at night, but I doubt it. He’s also getting de-wormer next time I go into town. I think once we do all that he’ll be in much better straights and will be an excellent guard dog.


~ by accordingtoleanne on December 10, 2012.

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