Blog Rant

As a Sweepstaker and a blogger, I feel like a have a unique perspective on the giveaways that are put on by blogs. I am finding myself more and more frustrated by the entire system. At current, blogs get prizes by getting sponsors that make certain demands on how people can enter. The companies will ask for things like likes on Facebook, subscribers, etc. This has made me reluctant to start doing giveaways that way. There has got to be a way to make money and do giveaways without whoring out your blog to advertisers. Here’s some of the things that especially tick me off:

1. Don’t have so many ads that your blog takes forever to load.

2. Make sure that the links you are requiring me to click actually work. It really pisses me off to find an entry I’ve been working on is getting thrown out because you screwed up. I’ll usually be halfway through an entry before I see this and blogs usually take several minutes to deal with.

3. Seriously, just use Raffle-copter, giveaway tools, etc. I’m not reading through your pages of directions. Use a giveaway form and only a giveaway form. If you put additional required stuff anywhere other than the form, no one will see it. I am also not going to scroll back and forth between your directions and the hundreds of comments to make a separate comment for each entry. Leave a comment forced entries are annoying, but at least let me leave a comment on the form, not in the comments and then you have to try and match it up.

4. If you can’t get sponsored without doing 500 Facebook likes, don’t participate. It just makes your blog look bad.  Don’t make me like 40 Facebook pages or twitter pages. I max-out several times a year and I’m just going to wipe all of you when I do again. Everyone loses.

5. I refuse to sign up for eBates or any other program, subscription or site. Yes, I sign up for about 700 new sweepstakes a day, but I don’t like things I need to uninstall, delete or un-register for. Along those lines, don’t make me follow your blog with a particular service. I’m not going to sign up for a blog reader service just for your blog, let me use the service I already have.

6. Actually contact the winners. A lot of blogs just post up who won on the blog itself. I don’t have time to read 500+ blogs a day, so just email me if I win something.

I wonder how many times the prize is ‘forfeited’ and the blogger keeps the prize. Or how many times they fail to get the required entry because they’re doing the crap listed above. I am suspicious and frustrated and considering not bothering with blog contests anymore. They have seemingly good odds, but they so many issues, I’m not sure they’re worth my time.

Soon, very soon, we’re going to look into starting to do giveaways, but they’ll be on my terms. I won’t play the sponsor game and lose what’s valuable about my blog.

~ by accordingtoleanne on November 12, 2012.

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